What motivates you more: Carrots and sticks or internal drive?

Most companies still use carrots and sticks to motivate their employees. Smart move? Guess not.  

What motivates you more: Carrots and sticks or internal drive?

Most companies still use carrots and sticks to motivate their employees.

Smart move? Guess not.

   People who depend on extrinsic motivation need constant praise and incentives just to do their job. Studies show that it are the people driven by intrinsic motivation that exceed expectations . 

And believe me, you too want this intrinsic motivation.

Why? It gives you drive and personal satisfaction.

This year I guided several companies in employee engagement. In this and following

blog posts I’ll share you my insights.

If you want to avoid that the results of your engagement surveys end up as useless data, start working on this:

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This blog: Create a culture of intrinsic motivation

Create a culture of intrinsic motivation. 

What does it take to attract self motivating people?

4 factors that lead to better performance and personal satisfaction inspired by Daniel Pink.

1. Meaning: People are intrinsically motivated when they pursue goals that have personal meaning. Give clarity about how the companies products or services improve the world. What is the added value of your organization? Explain employees how their work contributes to that. This provides guideposts for employees’ priorities and decisions. When hiring, look for people who’s personal aspirations embrace the companies purpose.

2. Autonomy: People want control over themselves and their environments. They want to determine what they pursue. In order to let employees be in control, the organization has to be prepared to let go of control. Why not give people a day per month to work on what they want with who they want. You’ll be surprised of the results.

3. Mastery: People like to get better at what they do. That’s why we practice sports or music or painting. We do it to get better at it. Because we like it, not because we get paid for it. If we are given autonomy, we will rather shape the future than being victimized by it. Exactly this keeps us out of negative, self destructive spirals. We find pride in constant learning and tackling difficult problems. When autonomy and mastery come together, creativity is born.

4. Membership: Start treating people like people. Not like resources. Employees want to belong to a community they can connect to on an emotional level. Community solidarity comes from allowing the whole person to surface. Get to know what people really care about. Talk to them. Ask them which personal goals they pursue.  How do they see the personal meaning of their work?

Do you want to get started? Look at this!

I developed “The Road to TRANSFORMATION to help you increase employee engagement. A clear action plan towards a sustainable engagement culture.

The Road to TRANSFORMATION – Free Action Plan
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I put the mission of Natural Leadership –  finding self – realization and the freedom to unlock your full potential – to work by doing two things:

  • First helping leaders in strengthening their personal leadership.
  • Second helping teams and organizations in creating a culture of engagement.

Both reinforce each other and transform people and organizations. Result: Increase in well – being, profit and growth.




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