Are employee engagement surveys just useless data?

Are employee engagement surveys just useless data?

Engaging people well is becoming one of the biggest competitive differentiators in business.

In 2020 the culture of your company will define whether or not you’re “war for talent” proof. Talented employees prefer to work for organizations that have a genuine culture of engagement.

This year I guided several companies in employee engagement. In this and following blog posts I’ll share you my insights.

If you want to avoid that the results of your engagement surveys end up as useless data, start working on this:

Define engagement in an holistic way

Creating a culture of engagement is much more than doing an annual “HR measure”. Engagement needs to be a continuous, holistic part of the entire business strategy. It needs to be the DNA of your company.

Like I wrote in “Don’t tell your employees that it’s your job to make them happy”, it’s not your job as a leader to make every single person in your company happy. It is your job though to create an organization that is fulfilling, meaningful and fun. An organization that makes people feel that they are part of something bigger.

I’m very aware that you can’t install an engaging culture overnight. But as always, everything starts with the first step. To help you get started, I’d like to share this easy and fun system with you:

Introduce a day to day sensing system. This gives you a daily look at how happy your people are.  If you see a lot of red/unhappy faces, ask why. Find out what should be done to avoid this.

I developed “The Road to TRANSFORMATION” to help you increase employee engagement. A clear action plan towards a sustainable engagement culture.

“The road to TRANSFORMATION” – Free Action Plan
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P.S.: On the 17th of February I’m giving a workshop on employee engagement with Martine Tempels, Senior VP Telenet for Business. For more info and registration click here.

P.S.: Leadership Road to Freedom open training on the 30th of March. For more info and registration click here.

Ann Baeke

Natural Leadership wants to help people, teams and organizations with their self-realization in an authentic and effective way. Self – realization brings freedom. People will feel happier and energized. Their performance increases. 

I put the mission of Natural Leadership –  finding self – realization and the freedom to unlock your full potential – to work by doing two things:

  • First helping leaders in strengthening their personal leadership.
  • Second helping teams and organizations in creating a culture of engagement.

Both reinforce each other and transform people and organizations. Result: Increase in well – being, profit and growth.




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