Don’t tell your employees that it’s your job to make them happy

Don’t tell your employees that it’s your job to make them happy. Tell them it’s theirs. 

Thank you very much for all the lovely responses you gave me on Part 1 of this blog: Personal Leadership. I felt really supported!

In Part 2 I reveal to you my insights on how organizations can become great places – for engaged people – to work.

What do I think is key in making the shift to more human – centered organizations happen?

People loving themselves more!

To achieve this, we need organizations supporting their employees in strengthening their Personal Leadership.  

It’s up to your employees to find their own engagement and up to you to encourage and support them in doing so.

 Part 2: Engagement & Organizational Culture.

Would you like to transform your company culture in to a more engaging one?

I have a dream were people feel valued and supported in organizations.  An environment where employees feel meaningful, have a strong sense of belonging and feel that they can develop themselves professionally and personally.

At first I was scared to share this dream. It’s not really what our Western economic model looks like. My dream is not what CEO’s and managers are waiting for, I thought.

But then I realized that in management terms, my dream is called engagement.  Sadly, only 12% of the Belgian employees feel engaged. There is a hugh economic urge for engaged employees.

Studies that will definitely convince you show:

  • Engaged employees generate 43% more revenue than disengaged ones

  • A company with highly engaged employees achieves financial performance four times greater than a company with poor engagement

  • Organizations with engagement scores in the top quartile averaged 12% higher customer advocacy, 18% higher productivity and 12% higher profitability.

  • Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave the organization than the disengaged and their performance lies 20% higher.

Why do so many change and leadership programs fail?

It’s obvious that organizations need engaged people. But apparently they are really hard to find. Which is strange, cause all the people I know would be trilled to work in an environment where they feel truly taken care of, appreciated, meaningful and trusted which is the essence of, yes you’re right, … being engaged.

Were did it go wrong and what can be done about it?

I spend a lot of time figuring this out. Did a lot of research, interviewed several CEO’s and thought leaders and came to these basic conclusion:

To create a culture of engagement, you want to

  • focus on changing mind-sets

  • build trustworthy relationships

  • encourage ownership

  • install a supporting organization that takes his purpose and values in to account

  • c-suite and senior managers should be role – models

  • monitor and measure

If you don’t, your program is bound to fail.

In this film I tell you more on how to do this.

How can you change your company culture to a more engaging one?

Not but telling your employees that it’s your job to make them happy. Tell them it’s theirs.
Encourage your people in finding their own engagement through these 3 keys: Mastery, Membership, Meaning.

Establish a safe environment were people can experiment with these 3 keys. Safety is guaranteed if the organizations purpose and values are really taken in to account by its leaders. That means you too! 

Over time, the entire system will evolve toward greater employee engagement, and attract even more talent.

I developed “The Road to TRANSFORMATION” to help you. A clear action plan towards a sustainable engagement culture.

Discover the Road to TRANSFORMATION
So grateful to have shared this with you!
Live on purpose,

P.S.: To help organizations, people and teams creating workplaces that really work I developed the Transformation & Performance Model. It shows how personal leadership, organizational culture and engagement of employees are all interconnected. It gives you an easy to follow structure and guidelines to get things moving in your organization.

P.P.S: Save the date. On the 21th of August, the Leadership Road to Freedom will take place at the Heerlijckyt in Geetbets. More information will follow.

P.P.P.S: If you want information on Engagement Studies, let me know. I would be happy to provide them.

Ann Baeke

Natural Leadership wants to help people, teams and organizations with their self-realization in an authentic and effective way. Self – realization brings freedom. People will feel happier and energized. Their performance increases. 

I put the mission of Natural Leadership –  finding self – realization and the freedom to unlock your full potential – to work by doing two things:

  • First helping leaders in strengthening their personal leadership.
  • Second helping teams and organizations in creating a culture of engagement.

Both reinforce each other and transform people and organizations. Result: Increase in well – being, profit and growth.




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