Have you ever felt like standing naked in front of a crowd? Part 1

Well, I’m experiencing it right know. I’m about to reveal to you my personal beliefs and hopes. It’s like coming out. It’s like standing naked in front of a crowd.

I’m about to share with you my personal insights on how I see the evolution of organizations, people and teams. A shift to more human-centered organizations.

What do I think is key in making this shift happen?

People loving themselves more!
Accepting yourself as you are. Finding yourself worthwhile enough to go for what is really important to you.

Have you ever felt that you had something really important to tell, but were afraid to bring it in the open?

That’s me now. I had to go through a transformation to find the emotional courage to share my thoughts. It wasn’t always fun, I can assure you.

More then once I heard myself say:

Who are you to do this?
Nobody cares …
You are just a little fish in the ocean, who is going to listen to you?
People will think this is stupid, unrealistic and fluffy.

Sounds familiar?

Here is the good part. In that same transformation process I also found out that the better I understood my deep longings – what is really important to me – and the more courage I had in pursuing them, the higher my happiness factor became. I had to bring this out.


Because I know that a lot of people are on the verge or their own transformation right now. Are you?

I want to make things easier and lighter for you. I want you to experience the same happiness and freedom as I do. It’s important for me to share this with you. I notice to many people who are holding themselves back, get exhausted, are confused, doubt themselves, are stuck in workplaces were they don’t feel valued.

How do you really feel at work? Energized or drained?

The thing with us humans is, that we all want to be meaningful. We want to add something to the world. Since we spend a lot of time in the workplace, it is vital for our well being to be able to bring in our passion and purpose.

  • Would you like to feel truly valued at work?
  • Would you like to become a powerful and natural leader that people love to work for?
  • Would you like to prioritize fast based on a clear vision and strategy that perfectly fits you?
  • Would you like to increase your impact in a natural way?
  • Would you like to do meaningful work?
  • Would you like to experience more freedom in your leadership style?
  • Would that make you happier and more productive?

Here is how you can become happier and feel more valued at work, being a natural leader:

Get connected with what is really important for you, your purpose. Accept and love yourself enough to allow yourself to reconnect with your core, your values. Go through your own transformation and become that powerful natural leader.

Jim Carey explains this brilliantly in this film.
“You can fail at what you dón’t want, so you might as well take a chance doing what you love!”

Sometimes it will feel like standing naked in front of a crowd, I went through it, I can tell, but I can also tell you that it’s worth the transformation! If you love yourself, go out there and unlock your full potential! You don’t have to do this on your own.
I developed the Leadership Road to Freedom to guide you. Use it!

So grateful to have shared this with you!
Live on purpose,

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P.S.: To help organizations, people and teams creating workplaces that really work I developed the Transformation & Performance Model. It shows how personal leadership, organizational culture and engagement of employees are all interconnected. It gives you an easy to follow structure and guidelines to get things moving in your organization. More about this in my next blog, Part 2: Engagement & Organizational Culture.

P.P.S: Save the date. On the 21st of August, the Leadership Road to Freedom will take place at the Heerlijckyt in Geetbets. More information will follow.

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