What can we do right now to create jobs that will make our children happy? Part 2/2

Do you want your kids to be happy? How would you like them to feel in 20 years … at work?

Part 2/2

What can we do right now to create jobs that will make our children happy?

In my previous post I wrote about how important it is to change our economic system in to a more human oriented one.

We all want our children to be happy.
But what are we doing right now to create these “I love to work there” work places? What can we do now to create future work environments where our kids will be able to unlock their full potential? 

There is a lot of fear in the world today. Fear for ebola, fear for the decline in the world economic growth, fear for income inequality, fear for religious and ethnical violence, fear for the social security of our children, IS,  fear for how our kids will work and live in 20 years time …

1. See fear as a turning point

Fear can paralyze us but can also be one of the most effective drivers for change. As you might know, people going through a personal crisis often succeed in changing their behavior. Being in a collective world crisis gives a tremendous opportunity for change. It turns out that throughout history, the types of organizations we have invented, were tied to the prevailing worldview and consciousness (From the agricultural age, over the industrial age to the information age). Every time that we as a species have changed the way we think about the world, we have come up with more powerful types of organizations. 

2. First things first: People loving themselves more

We are on the eve of inventing a new more powerful type of organization. A new worldview were industries realize the value of creative, innovative, entrepreneurial, independent employees, is emerging. To get this far, to rise our consciousness , in my opinion, 

people will all have to learn to love themselves more:
Be proud of who you are
Know what you stand for, dare
Trust your inner voice
Follow your mission
See yourself as the powerful, charismatic, creative, funny person you are. 

people will have to become aware of their negative self-thoughts, which weaken and control them and let them play the roles of actors who are so desperate to fit in.  This can either be the role of the pleaser or the role of the dominator or something in between.

If people take up their personal leadership, which we will and some of us are already doing, economic systems that embrace economic and social well – being will emerge more and more.

How much do YOU love yourself?
Take the free SELF TEST on Personal Leadership skills to find out!

Free SELF TEST Personal Leadership Skills

3. Create a company culture of engagement

How do we start the change at work?
Encourage your people in unlocking their full potential through these 3 keys: Mastery, Memberschip and Meaning.

Establish a safe environment were people can experiment with these 3 keys. Safety is guaranteed if the organizations purpose and values are really taken in to account by its leaders. That means you too! 

Over time, the entire system will evolve toward greater employee engagement, and attract even more talent.

I developed “The Road to TRANSFORMATION” to help you. A clear action plan towards a sustainable engagement culture.
This will prevent burn/bore outs, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, suicide, … to govern our future work places.
And last but not least, greater employee engagement is a guarantee for better results.

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So grateful to have shared this with you!
Live on purpose,

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Ann Baeke

Natural Leadership wants to help people, teams and organizations with their self-realization in an authentic and effective way. Self – realization brings freedom. People will feel happier and energized. Their performance increases. 

I put the mission of Natural Leadership –  finding self – realization and the freedom to unlock your full potential – to work by doing two things:

  • First helping leaders in strengthening their personal leadership.
  • Second helping teams and organizations in creating a culture of engagement.

Both reinforce each other and transform people and organizations. Result: Increase in well – being, profit and growth.




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