5 tips to boost your leadership visibility

5 tips to boost your leadership visibility

An impressive 40% of all executives would describe themselves as introverts, and yet business culture isn’t particularly hospitable to them.

How to deal with the extrovert ideal as an introvert.

Too often we’v equated succes or capability with the people who get their voices heard first and loudest.

The bottom line is that we’re all most powerful when we play to our strengths. Our organizations benefit from diversity in all things, including personality types. And yet, we also have to accept and work within the culture where we exist.

Just like everyone else, to get ahead, introverts need to increase their visibility and exhibit leadership presence.

Here are 5 tips that can help you or one of your team members in becoming more visible.

Be a sensitive face – to – face networker

Most probably you hate networking. Noisy environments, obliged social talk, who to talk to… Not our preferred place to be. But we have one important advantage. With our talent for deep listening and excellent observational skills, we are masters of one-on-one conversations. When you enter the network arena, choose the person you want to talk to. You might want to do some research in advance. Check the attendee list. Focus on who you want to have a conversation with, unravel how he/she thinks. That is what you are good at. As you know, it helps you in quickly establishing interpersonal resonance and trust. People are more likely to open up to you. They share personal details, which are useful for you as a leader.

Host or co-host an event

Still not in the mood to do a lot of networking? Maby you don’t have to. First of all, don’t wear yourself down running from network event to network event.  Instead, pick only the most vital social activities. ( i.e, where you can meet people that are really interesting to you)

Second think of (co-) hosting an event as an alternative to networking. You can start small, organize an after work drink or if you are ready for something bigger, take the stage at a kick off. The advantage for you is that people will come to you as the host. This means that  you can expend less energy reaching out to them. Remember to rest up beforehand to counterbalance the meet-and-greet aspect that would otherwise drain you.

Be an online networker

Introverts prefer to communicate through writing, making social networks ideal spaces for them to connect and converse.
Share you thoughts. This might be in a blog, or in the company newsletter or an industry publication.  Become active on social media sites.  How about organising one – on -one meetings with people you want to get to know for networking purposes. Why don’t you invite them for lunch? You might even plan an interview with them. Don’t forget to publish your article.

In meetings

Get your voice in the room in the first few minutes.
Challenge yourself to put your ideas on the table in the first few minutes. Prepare. The vibe of the meeting is set early, and by contributing then, you’re establishing yourself as an active participant.

Ask important questions
Introverts are naturally observant and can use this advantage to ask key questions that move the dialogue further.

Be a synthesizer of ideas
Most introverts have a knack for listening and reflection. Synthesize what you’re observing, and find common threads.

Call out the elephant in the room
If there’s an issue everyone is avoiding, see that as an opportunity. Bringing it up with your signature thoughtfulness could be the perfect way for you to be heard, and make a memorable impression.
Remember, we desperately need reflective, truth – telling in our organizations.

When you know what’s important to you, pursue it with all your heart. Take action to follow through, to become the person you most want to be, and to do the things you most want to do. If you want ongoing support to make those things happen, consider coaching to hold yourself accountable and to move forward – ambitiously – on the things you value most.
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P.S.: Do you want to become the person you most want to be and do the things you most want to do? 

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