The Visible Leader: Strong leadership for introverts in an extravert world

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An impressive 40% of all executives would describe themselves as introverts, and yet business culture isn’t particularly hospitable to them.

In our western economy we picture a stereotypical leader as confident, out-going, sociable, great talker, initiative-taker… the classic extrovert. 

How could a more soft spoken, quiet, self-effacing person, who takes a back seat during public discussions, have the ability to stimulate excitement and engagement with his/her
group members? A lot of my clients struggle with this apparent contradiction. 

I wrote several blogs about the subject and bundled them in this mini-ebook.

This ebook will help you become more visible. Not by forcing you to act as an extravert. But by making you aware of the special visibility qualities you already have as an introvert and how to use them in a natural way.

What you will find in this mini ebook:

A. Does our business environment choose the wrong leaders?

B. 8 tips to become aware of your natural qualities as an introvert and how to use them to boost your visibility.

C. How great leaders transform high sensitivity into one of their strongest talents.

D. The next step towards visible leadership.

The bottom line is that we’re all most powerful when we play to our strengths. Exhibit your leadership presence by using your natural qualities. Find out how in this free mini ebook!

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A co-creation by Greet Bunnens & Ann Baeke

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Greet and Ann.

Ann Baeke

Hi I’m Greet Bunnens and people tend to call me the Personal Branding Lady lately. Why? Because I help entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs become more visible and build their Personal Brand. It is my mission to inspire and enthuse people to grow and to never be small again. To be visible and to shine in an authentic and honest way, while staying true to themselves. And everything I do is covered with a flavor of fun and humor.

Ann Baeke

Natural Leadership wants to help people, teams and organizations with their self-realization in an authentic and effective way. Self – realization brings freedom. People will feel happier and energized. Their performance increases. 

I put the mission of Natural Leadership –  finding self – realization and the freedom to unlock your full potential – to work by doing two things:

  • First helping leaders in strengthening their personal leadership.
  • Second helping teams and organizations in creating a culture of engagement.  

Both reinforce each other and transform people and organizations. Result: Increase in well – being, profit and growth. 




Ann Baeke - Natural Leadership

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