“The most beautiful insight Ann taught me is how emotional I am as a person and how to use that as a strength to be more genuine, more ‘natural’. I never considered myself a natural leader, and always believed you can’t learn how to become one. I was leading my team with the strengths I was taught as a ‘mathematician’, rationalizing why and how to ‘maximize’ results, eliminate ‘waste’, be ‘efficient’. But something was always missing. I didn’t ‘feel’ why not everyone was following the same rationale. Till I came to Ann for help. Only one session later, she already changed my way of looking at how to motivate more. How to be ‘me’, listen to others, and still get everything done. I can honestly say that Ann has shown me what I had learned on paper 10 times before, but never actually ‘understood’. My team is telling me I listen more. We know each other better. We deliver more. I no longer avoid sensitive topics or elephants in the room. I embrace them and love to motivate my team on a personal level. You motivated me Ann!”